Northland Cathedral supports over 60 missionary families in various parts of the world and in many ministry responsibilities:


John Elliott works in education in Zambia.

Bryan & Kim Burr work with Convoy of Hope, relief agency, in Kenya.

Carrol & Gayle Deal serve in Equatorial Guinea.

Jim & Cynthia Lemons minister in Cameroon.

Rebeckah Moore works in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Joel & Adrienne Charest serve in Mozambique.

Melodie Joice ministers in Tanzania.

Tim & Jenny Land minister to children in Cameroon.

Kirk & Marlene Spain minister in South Africa

Jay & Cheryl Taylor work in education in Africa.



David & Pat Plymire are veteran missionaries serving in radio ministry to China.

Nathan & Lisa Turney work with Asia's Little Ones, a ministry to children.

Marie Watson serves in Vietnam.

Rolly & Heather Hurst minister in Thailand.

Chris & Lindsey Carter minister in Japan.

Phil & Kim Rojak work in the island nation of
Papua New Guinea

Mark & Kim Gardner work with children in the Pacific Islands.

Keith & Delsey Garner minister in the Philippines.



Kent & Leslie Linneweh work in Holland with youth ministries.

Shawn & Deborah Galyen minister in Spain, working with university students.

John & Anita Koeshall minister to university students in Europe.

David & Dana Santiago pastor an international church in Spain.

Joe & Noemi Szabo are area directors for missionaries in southern Europe.

George W. & Debbie Flattery are planting a church in France.



David & Beth Grant currently serve as Directors of Project Rescue.

Nick & Marcae Robertson minister in Minneapolis among northern Africans.



Ben & Sherie Kaufman, Leadership Development

Mark & MaryAnn Rittermeyer, Chaplain

Harvey & Sally Herman, Chi Alpha

Tom & Missy Trask, Chi Alpha, Columbia, MO

Kristine Carlson, Chi Alpha, Springfield, MO

Ray & Kassiani Gannon, Jewish Ministries

Cosmo & Rivkah Panzetta, Jewish Ministries




Don & Terri Triplett minister to children and youth through King's Castle Ministries in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Don & Melba Exley are missionaries to South America and pastor a church in Argentina.

Gary & Patty Heiney are veteran missionaries to Venezuela.

Bob & Cilinia Bueno direct Latin America Child Care in El Salvador

Judy Graner serves in Colombia, primarily in Bible School training and church planting.

Jon & Jen Dahlager are reaching the youth of Costa Rica through directing national programs, teaching and training.

Paul & Kristi Robinson minister among the law enforcement community in Colombia.

Jonathan & Michelle Wellborn minister in Argentina.

Sondra Smith also works in Mexico, among unreached Indian communities.

Bruce & Lisa Ridpath minister in the country of Colombia.

Josh & Lisa Sears work with missionaries preparing for ministry in Latin America



Mark Flattery is CEO of Network 211.

Flynn & Renee Clanton direct the Spanish ministry of Network211

Jim & Theda Bennett work with Global Initiative, reaching Muslim Peoples.

Frank & Lois Mayes are veteran missionaries currently working with Sustain Hope, a relief agency.

David & Elaine Damron are missionary architects, working around the world on building projects.

Kerry & Denise Godwin direct International Media Ministries in Madrid, Spain producing video programs.

Carla Marroquin ministers through Protect Me Project, in preventing human trafficking.

Chad & Dargan Phillips serve as directors of the Missionary Kids department of the Division of World Missions.

Rick & Patty Ridings serve in the land of Israel.

Abbey Lammers ministers in Spain with Shawn and Debbie Galyen with university students.